Abimbola Onitolo

Business dev. and marketing manager


Abimbola Olanike (MBA), (CIPM in view) is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. Her career journey showcases a progression of roles, highlighting her expertise in marketing, business development, and sales management.

Career Progression

Abimbola has held key roles in the telecommunications industry, including her current position as Marketing and Business Development Manager at Blue Chip Communication Limited. She previously excelled as a Sales and Marketing Manager at Fibernet Broadband Limited, where she made significant contributions to sales and marketing. Before that, as a Senior Sales Team Lead at FiberOne Broadband, Abimbola showed dedication to top-notch sales and building valuable client relationships.

Education Background

Abimbola Olanike’s Executive MBA from Ajayi Crowther University and her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lagos State University and other certifications highlight her commitment to learning and provide her with strong qualifications. Her career journey, skills, and leadership continue to drive success in the telecommunications industry

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